I'm a writer. I read a lot of comics. My friend Jojo is an artist. She doesn't read any comics.

At lunch, she draws super heroes from memory. Her memory is not always very good.

As you look at these drawings, I can not stress enough that Jojo is a professional artist, and a full grown woman. It's important to remember that.

~ Thursday, March 22 ~

Today Jojo redraws a panel from X-Force #2

The last two weeks, I’ve been making Jojo look at Rob Liefeld’s X-Force comics. She’s done two things, recoil in disgust and draw My Little Pony versions of his characters. I thought it’d be fun to have her redraw some of Liefeld’s panels, using her Pony X-Force.

The original panel features Cannonball slamming into Warpath while Feral taunts them, and twists her body into a horrible, escher girl-level, grotesque.

Jojo’s panel features her Cannonball (who can not fly) crashing on to her Warpath (who is mad about being depicted as a buffalo) while Feral (the ugly pony who just wants love) twists her body horribly, in an attempt to gain the favor of her team mates.

Sorry Feral Pony, no amount of contortions will make up for how awful you are.

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